T-Mobile to get exclusive on Nokia Lumia 521

Nokia has just announced two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, including the Nokia Lumia 520. However, the smartphone already has a variant that will be made available in the US exclusively by T-Mobile, the Nokia Lumia 521.

The press release from the carrier has little information on the Nokia Lumia 521, other than an image of a white case for the smartphone and the fact that it runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 on T-Mobile's network. The press note added, "Additional details, including device availability and specifics on pricing, will be shared at a later date."

T-Mobile has been a solid supporter of Windows Phone devices for some time. In January 2012, it was the exclusive US carrier for the mid-range Nokia Lumia 710, running on Windows Phone 7.5. In November, it started selling the Nokia Lumia 810, an exclusive variant of the Lumia 820, along with its version of the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

It's likely that T-Mobile will offer the Lumia 521 at a relatively low price, perhaps even as a free smartphone with a new two year contract. However, the company recently announced plans to move to a business model that will offer customers non-subsidized phones with a cheap monthly plan.

Source: T-Mobile | Image via Nokia

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T-Mobile has been fairly good about supporting Windows Phone. I've seen their mall kiosks giving a proper display for their Nokia Lumia 810 and HTC 8X. Plus they have decent apps for Windows Phone, though mostly geared towards T-Mobile's service of course. T-Mobile's apps are a bit ugly and sometimes counter-intuitve though but hopefully they'll improve on that.

99% of the phones sold are low end phones or last years model or entry level devices. This phone + tmobile makes affordable smart phones available to more people.. only you could find a problem with that.

Most phone consumers aren't the tech spec snobs that browse blogs like Neowin. We are in the minority and this phone isn't for the guy or gal wanting it all -- just something that works. This device will suit many just fine and do so affordably.

Of course T-Mobile licensing the lowest end devices as usual but I guess at this point I should be used to it?