T-Mobile to sell 3G iPhone from 1 euro in Germany

Deutsche Telekom AG's T-Mobile will sell Apple Inc's new iPhone for as little as 1 euro ($1.54) for the 8-gigabyte version together with a 69 euro monthly contract, it said on Monday.

Apple is set to reach far more consumers with the launch of the 3G iPhone in 70 countries than it did with the original version a year ago, partly due to having abandoned its insistence that carriers give it a share of call revenue.

Operators such as T-Mobile now have more scope to subsidize the cost of the phone to buyers in return for more lucrative contracts. Some carriers, including Telefonica's O2, have said iPhone users consume 30 times as much data as users of other Internet-enabled phones. The original iPhones that went on sale a year ago cost hundreds of euros and were sold in conjunction with expensive, exclusive deals with a single carrier in each country. Six million of the handsets were sold.

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Well if that's 69 Euros ($106.26) per month, and assuming it's a 24 month contract, the total cost over 24 months is $2550.24 (add in another $1.54 for the price of the iPhone), which is more than gizmodo's numbers for the US version of the iPhone. So, while you're paying $1.54 upfront, you're paying more throughout the lifetime of the phone, which I guess would appeal to some people.