T-Mobile to sell all 4G phones for free (sort of) on Feb. 11

T-Mobile's planned merger with AT&T is now no more, so the fourth largest US wireless carrier has to try to get people to try out its phones and services. Today, T-Mobile announced a big marketing effort centering on this Saturday, February 11. T-Mobile says it will sell all of its smartphones and devices that it has designated 4G for free for that day only.

If you are thinking there's a catch to this deal, you would be correct. You still have to put down some money on Saturday to actually get the 4G phones from T-Mobile, but the company will later send you back some money via a rebate card. It also depends on which wireless plan you pay for.

For example, say you want to get the recently released Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 710. If you pick that smartphone and a two year Unlimited Value Plan plan from T-Mobile, you pay a down payment of $49.99 for the phone and then receive a $50 rebate card later. You then pay $15 a month for the device.

If you decide to get a Samsung Galaxy S II on Saturday from T-Mobile with a two year Classic Plan, you pay $249.99 up front and later get a $250 rebate card with no monthly payments after that.

As usual, people who decide to take T-Mobile up on this "free" phone offer should read the fine print before they charge into their local T-Mobile store.

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The best part of all of this, is that their point of sale system went down early in the sale and people are just standing around for hours waiting to get any of these deals.