Happy 30th birthday, Tetris!

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June 6, 2014, is World Tetris Day, and also marks the 30th birthday of one of the greatest games of all time. We look back on its history, and invite you to share your memories of the legendary game.


Intel Pentium has turned 20

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Intel's Pentium range of processors has celebrated its 20th birthday on Friday, with the original P5 chip coming out on March 22, 1993 in super-fast 60 MHz and 66 MHz variants


Happy 10th birthday, Firefox!

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Ten years (and a day) ago, Mozilla launched Phoenix 0.1. After two years of testing, Mozilla changed the name from Phoenix to Firefox, creating one of the most successful browsers to date

Tomb Raider: Anniversary on Live

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Eidos has whipped the downloadable version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary onto Xbox Live. It lets those of you with a copy of Legend download the game in two packs containing two episodes. Each are around...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition Demo

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Lara's latest adventure is almost here - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is inspired by the original Tomb Raider video game, one of the greatest action adventures of all time and will be available on...

Apple's iTunes celebrates first anniversary

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Thanks rumbleph1sh. In its first year, Apple Computer Inc.'s online music store has sold more than 70 million songs, short of its original 100-million-song target but more than anyone else, the company said Wednesday. ...

Konami celebrates 30th anniversary

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March marks Konami's 30th anniversary, and it has been quite a journey for the one-time Pachinko maker, from fledgling arcade developer who couldn't even score a distribution deal (SEGA had to sell "Frogger" machines for...

Ultima Online Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

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Launched in 1997, UO was a pioneer in the world of online gaming and defined the category of massively multiplayer Internet-based entertainment and is still recognized as the most immersive of any online world. Ultima...

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