League of Legends attacked again

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It would appear that League of Legends, the popular MMO title from Riot Games, has been attacked again. While little information is currently available, it appears that the game has been hacked to offer 'free'...

Blogger blames Russia

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A blogger who has been slammed for the attacks against Twitter and Facebook has told the BBC that he blames Russia for the assault. Known more famously by his net name 'Cyxymu', the alleged cyber...


100,000 websites destroyed by hackers

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As many as 100,000 websites have been destroyed by hackers targeting server virtualisation software HyperVM, which powers most virtual private server (VPS) hosting companies. Most of the VPS systems hosted by Vaserv, and its sister...


YouTube swamped by porn

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Reports indicate that YouTube was swamped yesterday by an abundance of pornography. A large group of users began uploading seemingly innocent clips, many with kid-friendly tags such as "Jonas Brothers" and "Hannah Montana". The...


Russians launch DDOS attack

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Russia launched another cyber warfare attack against the small country of Kyrgyzstan. A distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) took place against the country in January of 2009. The ip traffic has now...


Gaza propaganda war takes place online

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Branded by some as "hacktivism", the conflict between Israel and Palestine has spilled onto the web, with activists from both sides defacing websites, taking over computers and shutting down Facebook groups, according to a report...

Web attack worm on a rampage

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The Internet Storm Center, which tracks online threats, warned Wednesday that a worm is infecting vulnerable Web sites with a database attack. Though relatively small by Web attack standards with about 4,000 reported infected sites,...

Chinese Windows 2000 attack crashes PCs

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Security researchers have spotted malicious code that triggers a critical vulnerability in the Chinese version of Windows 2000, and warned non-Chinese users to expect attacks. Symantec confirmed that the proof-of-concept code publicly posted to the...

Trend Micro Suffers Web Attack

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Of the more than 20,000 web pages affected by a massive internet attack which started earlier this week, security vendor Trend Micro's site was among the victims, embarassing as it may be. Infected sites attempt...

New Developments Emerge About eBay Botnet Attack

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The Aladdin eSafe Content Security Response Team (CSRT) has uncovered new details surrounding the eBay botnet attack first discovered on Monday. Researchers have found that the attack is primarily targeted at UK users of eBay... Identity Attack May Claim More Victims

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According to digital security firm Symantec, as many as 1.6 million records belonging to several hundred thousand people from Worldwide's job search service may have been stolen by the trojan horse Infostealer.Monstres in a...

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