Facebook shares reach all-time low

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Facebook's stock prices reached an all-time low on Tuesday's trading, having declined 43% since their initial availability in May. Stocks were trading at just over $20 on the markets during the day.


Apple unfazed by Windows 7 launch, says Analyst

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The launch of Windows 7 on October 22 is unlikely to cause any significant damage to Mac sales, according to Wall Street analyst Brian Marshall of Broadpoint AmTech. Marshall came to this conclusion by analysing...


The economy and technology

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We are currently living during extraordinary times; a subprime mortgage mess that has effectively put the entire world economy on hold. Everything from neighborhood grocery stores to the biggest software makers are feeling the...

GM Tests Technology To Raise Fuel Economy 15%

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Detroit automaker General Motors Corp. says it is testing a new combustion process that could increase fuel economy in conventional engines by up to 15 percent. The announcement comes as fuel economy has become an...

IT worth $2 trillion to the US economy

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A report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) claims that IT is responsible for nearly all of the US pick-up in economic growth over the past decade, adding $2 trillion annually to the...

The MP3 Economy : where does your $1 go?

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Interesting story, highlighting how little recording artists see... "The going rate for downloading songs from online music services like Apple's (AAPL) iTunes Music Store, MusicNet, Pressplay, and Rhapsody is about $1 a pop....

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