Windows 10 build 10147 has leaked

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A new build of Windows 10 has leaked and this time it is version 10147; the leak originated out of China and the new phone companion app as well as Edge branding may arrive ins this build.


The App Store: Grey Areas?

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With Apple's highly successful release of the Application Store, the developers of such applications may find themselves in a predicament when it comes to the do's and don'ts. While reading the agreement of application...

Microsoft Launches Technet Edge

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There is a new Microsoft Site for that's just been launched, TechNet Edge. It's like the Channel 9 stuff but targeted specifically for IT Pro's, where Channel 9 is focused on the developer. ...

Cutting edge round-up

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The BBC have published an article showcasing some original new products from around the globe. Inventions include robots, touch screen coffee tables, electronic paper and the wackiest remote control ever. Speaking from a...

PowerPC Teeters on Edge of Uncertainty

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With Apple and IBM going their separate ways, the PowerPC has questionable future development. It's the end of the PowerPC as we know it. But most everyone feels fine. Just one day...

Flat-panel monitors edge ahead

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Flat-panel monitors for desktop computers are expected to surpass traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors in revenue this year, a sea change for the display industry. Declining prices, combined with aggressive bundling deals from PC...

Night's Edge full version 1.0

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"Night's Edge: Wet Works isn't just a weapons mod for Unreal Tournament; it's what we like to think of as a "tactical simulator". Set in a post-apocalyptic future one-hundred and sixty years from now, it...

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