Do you know who you write like?

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We take a look at I Write Like: a site dedicated to helping you identify who your writing style most resembles. We also take some of Neowin's authors to the site to see what it makes of their works.

Mind over matter no longer science fiction

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Using a specially designed skull cap fitted with electrodes, scientists are now able to control a computer, and write characters onto the screen. As Dr. Brunner concentrates on the "B" of "bonjour" in a keyboard-like...

Fact and fiction in the Microsoft-SCO relationship

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The SCO Group's legal actions against Linux have shed light on the inner workings of the open-source programming project and on the operations of a company desperate to survive. They've also created a cottage industry...

Revamped Spy Fiction revealed

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Sammy Studios has released the first trailer of the revamped Spy Fiction. After being released in Japan in December 2003, the game has seen its graphics and gameplay retweaked for its North American release this...

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