Sony releases Google TV products

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Google’s attempt to take over the world is proceeding as planned. First they controlled the search engine market, then they began to dominate the cell phone market, and now there’s talk about Google getting into...


Hulu coming to Xbox Live?

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While Microsoft's E3 2010 offering will undoubtedly focus on Project Natal and expanding the life span of its flagship gaming console, it seems like Hulu might grab some time in the limelight. Gearlive, citing a...


Google vs. Hulu: can it be avoided?

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Google and Hulu may be two totally separate and different companies, but they do share one important trait: they don't mind picking a fight. Starting with search, Google pushed and shoved its way into many...


Google announces Google TV

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Google has unveiled Google TV at the I/O conference today. If you didn’t know, Google makes nearly all of its income from advertisements and Google states that the television market is a $70 billion...


Sony set to launch Google TV in May

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Bloomberg reports that Sony is planning to introduce new TVs with Intel chips and Google software next month. According to the report, Sony and Google plan to discuss the new products at a conference sponsored by...

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