IBM is scared of Siri

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Scared that Apple could be storing confidential communications, IBM has decided to ban its employees from using Apple's Siri on its corporate networks. But is there really anything to be afraid of?


IBM turns 100 today

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On June 16, 1911 a company called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R) officially opened for business in New York City. In 1924 it changed its name to something most of you recognize: International Business Machines, otherwise known...


IBM creates new high speed circuits

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IBM researchers have created a new type of high speed Graphene circuit that has the potential to transform several of the everyday electronics that many people have around their homes. The ultra-thin material supposedly has...


IBM: Firefox, I choose you!

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IBM's Vice President of Open Source, Bob Sutor, has made a blog post regarding the company's stance on web browsers. The company will be shifting to Mozilla Firefox as their browser of choice. This move...


Dell talks netbooks, diversifying, and Windows 7

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At a sponsored dinner on Tuesday night, Dell Founder and CEO, Michael Dell, told of his dislike for netbooks and admitted that the "biggest mistake" of his career was not diversifying the company sooner. When...

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