QR codes could save lives

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Imagine a place where everyone has a personal QR code that contains their medical information. No, it's not sci-fi; it's Marin County, California, where a start-up hopes to use QR codes to save lives.


Battling Swine Flu in cyberspace

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Slightly bizarre news has been reported on the BBC Technology website today. Swine flu is hitting the world pretty hard at the moment, but we seem to be doing well. Millions of doses of anti-viral...

Medical Technology: The undercover life saver

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As the technology around us grows at a steadfast rate, we tend to only relate these advancements to the hot consumer gadgets. However, instead of writing up about the latest cell-phones and general tech...

Google Unveils Health Service

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Search-engine Google has unveiled a plan to help U.S. patients gain control of their medical records and is working with doctors' groups, pharmacies and labs to help them securely share sensitive health data. The company's...

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