Intel Pentium has turned 20

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Intel's Pentium range of processors has celebrated its 20th birthday on Friday, with the original P5 chip coming out on March 22, 1993 in super-fast 60 MHz and 66 MHz variants


NVIDIA launching their own line of CPUs

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NVIDIA announced on Wednesday that they will be releasing their own line-up of ARM based CPU cores, designed for home PCs, servers and even "supercomputers." The shocking announcement means that NVIDIA will be releasing their...


Microsoft licenses ARM architecture

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ARM announced today that they have signed a new licensing agreement with Microsoft. The deal extends an existing relationship between the two companies. Since 1997, Microsoft and ARM have worked together on software and devices across...


AMD to ship 32nm chips in 2010

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Information Week is reporting that processor-giant AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is planning to begin shipping 32nm chips next year, in 2010. The word comes from AMD's Chief Executive Dirk Meyer, stating that volume production of...

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