FL Studio 12.1.3

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FL Studio is one of the world's most popular and exciting music production systems. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.


FL Studio 12.0.1

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FL Studio is one of the world's most popular and exciting music production systems. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.


Movavi Video Suite 12.2

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Create movies and slideshows, convert video and audio, burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray. Record your screen, capture video from webcam, TV-tuner, or VHS tapes. Watch and edit 3D films.


Desktop computer sets new pi record

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A comparitively humble desktop computer has successfully calculated pi to 2.7 trillion digits, 123 billion more than the previous record set by a supercomputer in August 2009. Since 1995, records for pi have been set...


iPhone sees record sales numbers, again

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As news has been crossing the Internet on Apple CEO Steve Jobs' liver transplant, the new iPhone 3GS has been released and sales for the handset are booming. According to news posted on various...


Firefox download record official

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Mozilla has officially made history with a new Guinness world record for the largest number of software downloads in a 24-hour period. The final record breaking 8,002,530 downloads for Firefox 3.0 took place in June...


Supercomputer sets record

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An American military supercomputer, assembled from components originally designed for video game machines, has reached a long-sought-after computing milestone by processing more than 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second. The new machine is more than twice...


Comcast DNS record comprimised

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BroadbandReports has picked up on an issue with Comcast's security yesterday. According to Broadband reports, starting late yesterday, Comcast users began noticing that Comcast.net had been defaced. It appeared a group had hacked Comcast's registrar...

EU fines Microsoft record $1.35 billion

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The European Commission fined Microsoft a record 899 million euros ($1.35 billion) on Wednesday for defying sanctions imposed on the software giant for antitrust violations, far exceeding the original penalty. The Commission, executive arm of...

DS Breaks UK Hardware Record

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All the predictions of a bumper Christmas for Nintendo in the UK seem to be proving accurate, with news that its consoles are selling in record numbers, GamesIndustry.biz reports. The DS has now broken the...

DS Sets New UK Weekly Sales Record

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Nintendo's DS has set a new UK hardware sales record by shifting 191,000 units last week. The sales figures, which come from data monitor ChartTrack, were confirmed by Nintendo Tuesday. "We're obviously delighted to be...

PS3 network enters record books

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Guinness World Records has recognised folding@home, a project that harnesses the spare processing power of Sony's PlayStation 3 to help understand the cause of diseases, as the world's most powerful distributed computing network. Nearly 700,000...

Nintendo shares soar to record high

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Shares of Nintendo hit a record high yesterday on the Tokyo stock exchange--briefly reaching 64,800 yen ($555) before closing up 2.7 percent at 64,300 yen ($551). The surge followed a report from Goldman Sachs which...

PlayStation to record digital TV

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PlayStation 3 (PS3) users in Europe will soon be able to record and playback digital TV on their console. Sony has unveiled a TV tuner which plugs into the PS3 and turns it into a...

Spam hits record high in February

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Security firm SoftScan claims that throughout February, its anti-spam systems identified a record-breaking average of e-mail as junk: 90.3%. November 2006 was the last time that spam levels were as high (89.73%). The highest levels...

Independent Record Labels Sign MySpace Deal

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Merlin has struck a deal with digital music company Snocap. What does that mean for the consumer? Thousands of independent labels across the world will be able to sell digital downloads of their music from...

U.S. Issues Record Number of Patents in 2006

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Electronics companies propelled the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to issue an average of 476 American patents a day throughout 2006. IFI Claims Patent Services notes that 173,772 corporate patents were issued in 2006, an...

Record Firms Sue Russian MP3 Site

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US record labels Arista Records, Warner Bros, Capitol and UMG recordings have started legal action against Moscow-based Mediaservices. The lawsuit was filed in New York and claims that sites Allofmp3.com and allTunes.com are selling songs...

Siemens Breaks Network Speed Record

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Thanks to Hurmoth for posting this in BPN. German electronics company Siemens has set a new network speed record: 107 gigabits, 2.5 times faster than the previous record. The test was performed over a 100-mile...

Transistor Breaks Speed Record

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Thanks to funding by the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, the record for the world's fastest transistor has been broken once again by U.S. researchers. The new transistor, made of iridium phosphide and iridium...

Software Pirate Gets Record Sentence

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The owner of iBackups.net, Nathan Peterson of California, was sentenced to 87 months in prison, the longest sentence ever given for software piracy. He also forfeited nearly all of his assets and agreed to pay...

Researchers Say New Chip Breaks Speed Record

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IBM and the Georgia Institute of Technology announced today that their researchers have demonstrated the first silicon-based chip capable of operating at frequencies above 500 GHz -- 500 billion cycles per second -- by cryogenically...

Lara Croft Earns Guinness World Record

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Lara Croft has today been awarded a Guinness World Record that recognises her as the "most successful human video game heroine." The Tomb Raider star won the prize for "transcending the boundaries of video games...

World Network Speed Record Broken for Third Consecutive Year

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An international group of scientists and engineers have broken the world network speed record for the third consecutive year. The team consists of physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers from the California Institute of Technology,...

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