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Wii Invades Retirement Home

Nintendo console has officially gone geriatric Nintendo is off to an incredible start with the Wii. With continued demand and leading sales even after the holiday season, Nintendo couldn't be happier with the system's... More... plans DES's retirement

The ageing Data Encryption Standard (DES) is no longer secure enough for use by government and should be replaced by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instead, according to a key US government standards agency. ... More...

HP outlines plans for Alpha's retirement

Hewlett-Packard in January will deliver the next version of its Alpha processor, an important architectural upgrade that will carry it through to the chip family's planned retirement in about 18 months, an HP executive said... More...

Windows retirement plan announced

IT managers are reconsidering software strategies after Microsoft announced the dates when it will end support for versions of Windows, including NT and 2000. Support for Windows 2000 Professional, still being evaluated... More...

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