Raunchy ads invade kids apps

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There's a ton of great apps for kids on mobile devices, but they're being plagued by inappropriate ads, urging kids to do everything from meeting up with 'hot women' to becoming a Scientologist.


Wikipedia bans Scientology

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Yesterday, in an unprecedented decision, Wikipedia's court-like body ArbCom handed down a project-wide ban of all IP addresses owned by Scientology for disruptive editing and coordinating their edits to maintain their status quo including "persistent...

Google: Scientology is a Dangerous Cult

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Just over a year ago, Google made it harder to achieve Googlebombing, the act of hundreds of Internet users linking up specific words with certain web sites in order to produce a desired (and usually...

Group Wants To Destroy Scientology

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An anonymous group of hackers, 100,000 strong, fittingly known as "Anonymous," has declared war on the Church of Scientology. This is taking place as of right now. Their websites are down, their phone lines are...

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