Review: Toshiba Kirabook

· with 34 comments

A 2560 x 1440 resolution Ultrabook was at one stage unheard of in the Windows camp. Now, Toshiba has released a premium, high-res Windows 8 laptop; how does it compare to the famous 'Retina'?

Review: Toshiba Satellite P755

· with 28 comments

Toshiba has rolled out a new addition to its Satellite family, the P755D-S5266. This AMD powered beast is big on size and stickers. Did Toshiba price it right or did they miss the mark?

Review: Toshiba Thrive

· with 12 comments

The Toshiba Thrive represents Toshiba’s first crack at the Android tablet market. While it could be said they are a bit late to the game, they are using Google’s Android platform to bring it quickly...

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