Apple Tablet - The story continues

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The rumors regarding Apple's plan to manufacture a tablet computer have been circulating for a very long time now. However, it seems that these rumours finally have some tangibility; we should be expecting a...


Apple TV 2.4 update

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Apple has quietly released their 2.4 update for the Apple TV, which brings some interesting and handy new functionality, providing you own an iPhone or iPod touch. Let's have a quick look and see what...


Windows 7 Touch development

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So it's the last day of PDC today and yesterday I got the chance to speak to Andrew Whiddett, Vice President of Interactive Technology, regarding his companies development for the Microsoft Surface and Windows 7...


Neowin asks: Windows 7 Touch

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By now you should have seen the news about the new Windows 7 UI and touch based advances. If not then please checkout our introducing the Windows 7 UI article. As we want to involve...

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