Port your number over to Google Voice

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Google is currently testing a new feature for Google Voice, 'number porting'. This new features gives users the ability to port their existing landline or cell phone number over to Google Voice. BGR reports that the...


Google Voice down for outgoing calls

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Users are reporting that Google Voice is having issues making outbound calls. According to TechCrunch, when people make outbound calls, it just rings incessantly even if the recipient picks up. For users who use Google... Voice VoIP_thumb.png

Google Voice goes VoIP in Gmail

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According to the reliable, yet unofficial, Google Operating System blog, Google is apparently testing a new feature in Gmail. As part of Gmail's chat program, Google has integrated Google Voice functionality. The new feature allows...


Google Voice released for iPhone

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Google has finally managed to get its Voice service onto the iPhone but not in the form of an application. Both Apple and Google have been the subject of an FCC investigation over the the rejection...


GrandCentral becomes Google Voice

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Users of the popular free phone service called GrandCentral, which was bought by Google back in 2007, have finally seen a rebrand change, and is now called Google Voice. While Google Voice is...


New video and voice chat in Gmail

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Google announced a brand new Gmail feature today: Video conversations in Gmail - called "Gmail Video and Voice". This service combines the chatting abilities of GTalk, previously used in Gmail for chatting inside the...

Voice Phishers Dialing for PayPal Dollars

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Internet security experts have discovered a new phishing scam that uses voice recordings to pilfer money from PayPal accounts. In the newest social engineering attack, identity thieves have spammed fake PayPal account compromise warnings to...

Google patent points to voice search

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A recently published patent provides further evidence that Google is developing a voice-activated search engine. Patent No. 7027987, of which Google is the assignee, concerns "a voice interface for search engines. Through the use of...

Opera announces Voice EPG technology

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Oslo, Norway - February 21, 2005 - Opera Software today announced their voice-enabled Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for home media, introducing home entertainment users across the globe to the future of human-computer interaction. ...

Matrix Online locks in voice talent

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Warner Bros. enlists most of the Matrix trilogy's original cast to lend their likenesses and voices to the MMORPG. Give the movies guys credit. The boys from Warner Bros. are doing all...

Microsoft Adds Voice, Video to IM Client

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Microsoft Corp. announced Tuesday an early beta of a new rich client for its Live Communications Server product designed to unite instant messaging with telephony and video, and to embed such technologies in other applications....

Thomas Jane to voice Punisher

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Star of ill-fated film adaptation will lend his voice to the game inspired by the Marvel comic. At the THQ Gamers' Day yesterday in Los Angeles, representatives of the publisher announced the...

Half-Life 2 voice cast revealed

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As Half-Life 2 is nearing its distribution period, they are taking the necessary steps to reach them. Today Valve revealed who will play the voices in Half-Life 2. As a sign Half-Life 2 is trundling...

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