Do you know who you write like?

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We take a look at I Write Like: a site dedicated to helping you identify who your writing style most resembles. We also take some of Neowin's authors to the site to see what it makes of their works.

Panasonic Speeds Up Writing To Blu-ray Discs

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Panasonic has introduced a write-once Blu-ray disc with a 4x writing speed, faster than any other high-definition disc, available in 25GB and 50GB (dual layer). The consumer electronics company plans to release the former this...

Writing an end to the bio of BIOS

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Intel and Microsoft are gearing up to move toward the first major overhaul of the innermost workings of the personal computer--the boundary where software and hardware meet--during 2004. The companies will begin promoting a technology...

Students offered virus writing course

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Should make for an interesting edition of University Challenge A university course in Canada teaching students how to create computer viruses has been met with derision by angry industry watchers, who believe...

Writing on the Wall for Graffiti

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PalmSource is turning over a new leaf for handwriting recognition, replacing its idiosyncratic software amid a growth in popularity for keyboards in the handheld industry and amid a continuing patent battle with Xerox. ...

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