Take a look at the Nokia Lumia 925 promotional videos

At the London event today Nokia just announced their brand new aluminium Lumia 925. The phone is an updated, lighter version of Nokia's flagship the Lumia 920.

Alongside the new device Nokia demoed some new camera capabilities that will launch with this phone but they'll also become available on all other Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices via a firmware update that's coming later this summer. For those of you excited about such camera feature you get to see them in action thanks to some new promo videos from Nokia. 

First up is the ability to change the face of the people in your photo. The phone takes a number of rapid images which can then be used to modify the final image.

Secondly there's Action Shot. This mode allows you to take great pictures of moving targets as well as get rid of strangers that happen to walk into your frame.

Finally Nokia says they have improved their low-light photography capabilities even more. The OIS found in the Lumia 920 truly gave it an edge when it came to low-light scenarios but thanks to upgraded software algorithms Nokia says the new Lumia 925 performs even better.

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This is how the 920 should have been on release. It's size and weight were the only things stopping me getting it. And now the 925 is too late, the hardware (apart from the excellent camera) just doesn't cut it compared to high-end phones and what i have now (Galaxy S3). Might as well wait and see what they have later this year.

calimike said,
Wow, 925 is amazing. 928 vs 920 vs 925, who is winning?

I think it's more like variants of the Lumia 920 to target different needs so its metal, light, thin vs colorful, wireless charging built in, thick, which one do you like more. Beside Nokia promise "more innovation" latter this summer, which make me think that the 925 will be a second flagship because it looks like the rumored Lumia EOS will have a "lovely lady lump" and most people doesn't seem to like it. But I do