Teach XP and Vista to play nice on networks

On small office and home office networks, Windows XP and Windows Vista cooperate about as well as cats and dogs. But you can teach them to get along.

When you combine Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs on the same peer-to-peer network, such as you might have at home or a small office, you may run into all kinds of problems. It may be difficult for your Windows Vista PCs to find your Windows XP PCs, and vice versa.

And the Windows Vista Network Map -- which may be the best networking feature Microsoft has ever introduced into Windows -- won't work properly with XP PCs. They won't show up properly on the network map, if they even show up at all.

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I have a network at home that uses a mixture of hard-wired and wireless PC's, using XP SP2 (except for one poor thing using Windows 2000, and an Apple Mini Mac). Everything works fine on a workgroup that is named as my Surname.

Last week I bought a Vaio VGN-UX pre-loaded with Windows Vista business and as you say, it defaults to "WORKGROUP" so I changed it to be the same as the other machines, ie SURNAME, but although it reports a change and BRIEFLY says "welcome to the SURNAME workgroup" before the obligatory re-boot, it still doesn't find other kit on its return.

From start then please, assuming the VAIO to be hard wired into network, what changes can I make to join my workgroup.

Handy tip for maybe the, what, 5 people experiencing problems? But this shouldn't be FPN IMO. As suggested above software maybe or the Vista forums.

Three Vista PCs and One XP Server, they can ALL see the server and the server can see all of them.
Seriously, why was this even posted?

Vegetunks said,
Three Vista PCs and One XP Server, they can ALL see the server and the server can see all of them.
Seriously, why was this even posted?

Of course if it worked fine for you and a few other people here it MUST work fine for everyone

My home network has 2 XP computers, 1 Ubuntu computer, and 1 Mac Pro. All are networking very nicely together. I think this guy is 'throwing the baby out with the bath water'. Just because he's having troubles doesn't mean Vista and XP (or even OS X) don't get along.

DKAngel said,
mshome was in pro b4 service pack 2 now it defaults to workgroup

Nope. SP2 here with MSHOME as the default.

Spyder said,

xp pro sp2 slimstreamed cd here...workgroup is the default.

Yeah I checked a couple at work just for kicks. One was MSHOME and one was WORKGROUP. Both were built using the exact same XP image.

Does this article actually differentiate between XP Pro and XP Home? Because I've never seen the "MSHOME" workgroup running XP Pro... it's always WORKGROUP...

Have you ever used Server 2003? The default is MSHOME. Course that's not XP. XP Pro on my machine defaults to MSHOME

Be on the same workgroup, have matching user accounts and passwords, and you're good. My own network had a mixture of XP, Vista and Windows 2000 even, and as long as the user accounts are properly set up there shouldn't be an issue.

I haven't had any problems, but many of my friends have. They all have SBC, which isn't very well supported in my area. For example, Vista couldn't even get on the Internet when the XP machine was on. I looked over the router setup and the settings in XP and Vista. Everything seemed normal to me. I don't know what the problem was, but it still isn't fixed, even after getting a better router because the one she had before was horrible. :P

XP and Vista have played nice for me, but for many people I know, Vista has been nothing other than annoying.

what? we have an office with a server 2003, debian linux, win2k workstations, win xp workstations, ubuntu workstations and some vista computers. The vista computers integrated in our network just fine, we didn't have any problems

That article is basically useless it just tells you to be on the same workgroup which for me isn't needed (I can connect to computers on other workgroups) and it implies you need LLTD installed on windows XP for networking to work properly. No... you just need that to use the network map.

Now that is an ugly website.
It's so convoluted that you can barely tell where the article is.
Incredibly lame.

Yeah I was about to say this article is crap, I installed Vista on this computer and could still communicate with the XP machines on my network as easily as before. In fact, things worked BETTER for both me and the other users when it came to file transfers and sharing.

what a load of wank, im the only one in this house that has vista running and the rest of the 3 pc's / 1xbox 1xps2 can all see my shares and network thru vista, with a mix of wireless and wired,
maybe im just lucky but everything works fine