Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine co-op mode goes live

Team Fortress 2 fans, who have already received a large content update earlier this summer, can now get yet another major upgrade for the free-to-play shooter. Today, the previously announced Mann Vs Machine mode for the game went live via Valve's Steam service.

As explained on the official Team Fortress 2 website, up to six players can join up in the new mode to do some Van Damage to the "Gray Horde", a team of TF2 character inspired robots. These automatons are trying to deploy a bomb in three new maps that have been added to the game for the Mann Vs Machine mode.

Every time a player destroys one of these evil robots, that devices blows up and generates some money in the process. Players can then go to an Upgrade Station in between waves of robots to use that money to get some upgraded weapons, items and abilities.

There's also 35 new Steam Achievements that have been added to Team Fortress 2 for the new Mann Vs Machine mode. Finally, if you play the mode on an "official" Mann Co. server, you can choose to play in Mann Up Mode, which will give players special loot drops. You can purchase a Tour of Duty Ticket to access the Mann Up Mode for just 99 cents.

Source: Team Fortress 2 website | Image via Valve

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This update is just beyond stupid. They are showing pure greed here with only Valve allowed to run "Official" MvM mode servers to get items and such. Don't even get me started on the amount of things they've broken with the rest of the game that they have yet to fix even 20hours later!

It's like Diablo 3 first day coming out. Just give it a while when things are all calmed and fixed we'll all be able to play it

Good luck, im getting a estimated wait time of 20 minutes just looking for a spot on a server to play.

Have fun trying to download it for awhile

It's slower than an old ISDN line here for me. I mean, yuk city. It's going to take almost 2 hours to download a 900 meg update when normally that would take me like, 3 mintues?