TechEd 2013: Surface deal is a success

A few days ago we told you that you could get a Surface RT or Surface Pro for pennies on the dollar if you were willing to attend Microsoft’s TechEd conference in New Orleans. While there was a lot of excitement about the announcement, we underestimated just how much people wanted to cash in on the latest Microsoft tablet offer.

After checking in, we went to stand in the Surface line. Unfortunately, the line wrapped all around the conference hall and there was no indication on how long it would take. It turns out that it took more than an hour before we could finally see the main queuing area, and then another hour before we were actually in that queuing area.

When we finally made our way to the front of the line, we were handed a form to select which tablets we were interested in, along with being given the option to purchase accessories. The Surface RT had no options in touch covers: Everyone received the black one. Somewhat surprisingly, the 64GB Surface Pro and both the 32GB and 64GB Surface RT (without touch covers) were not available for sale.

After two and a half hours, we finally made it to the cashier and purchased both the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. If we had known how long it would take, we probably would've waited until later in the week, but in hindsight, it was fun talking with other attendees who we shared the experience with.

So tell us, did you wait in the long line at the New Orleans convention center for your pair of Surface tablets, or did you do the smart thing and plan on waiting until later in the week once everyone else has already purchased theirs?

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Wow! With prices like that the Surface tablets would sell like hotcakes...... :-)

Tinfoil hat: Maybe the nextgen Surface is around the corner (Haswell) and they want to get rid of the stock????? ;-P

Nearly everyone (should) want to get the surface at this price, because I would be almost certain MS is giving them away at cost, if not at a loss. This is because one would assume that there are a lot of devs and other IT people at TechEd. If they get surfaces well spread at the "ground level" then MS hopes that they convince more and more people to buy them - a really smart attempt at getting wide-spread distribution of their devices.

Or just that they are getting ready to announce a new one, or clear some unsold stock??

always consider both sides amigo!

Mr. Dee said,
The catch is the cost to go to TechEd.

Except TechEd is for IT people and most of them get to go through their work, so it's their work that pays the TechEd ticket in most cases which is something like $1,500 I think.

Mr. Dee said,
I work in IT and my employer would not pay for me to go to this.

I'm sure not everyone had their way paid for them but i'm sure a sizable number did.

rfirth said,
Does anyone know if you get a TechExpo Only Pass if you're eligible for this offer?

I don't believe so. The Channel 9 site says:
Full Conference Pass Attendees
Partners (with an orange Sponsor/Exhibitor Attendee Badge)
Faculty and students
3rd Party Speakers
3rd Party Staff

You are sure google will give away Chromebook Pixel ? or just the cheap one ~$200.

warwagon said,
Geesh. Microsoft you tight asses. If Google made that, they would have given it away for free just for attending.

warwagon said,
Geesh. Microsoft you tight asses. If Google made that, they would have given it away for free just for attending.

Microsoft did give away the samsung developer tablets for free at one point.

Surprisingly, we did hear some people in line saying that they weren't sure if they were going to buy both of them...

the neat thing is they are pretty much just selling them at the cost to produce them.. if you minus out the sunk costs like R and D for windows 8 ..