TechSpot: 4-Way Intel H55 Motherboard Shootout


Right now there are a number of quality options for budget-conscious users looking to build a new computer. The AMD Phenom II X2 processor series, for example, will get you a great deal of processing power at just $110 for the 3.2GHz flagship part. Combine this with the affordable AMD 785G based motherboards selling for around $70 and you have the makings of a seriously good value platform.

However, if you are willing to part with a little more cash, then the new Intel Core i3 series might be the way to go. When compared to the dual-core Phenom II X2 555, consumers will pay about $20-$30 more for a Core i3 530 processor, while compatible Intel H55 motherboards are on average $20-$30 more than the AMD alternative as well.

There are a number of H55 motherboards available at reasonable prices, so picking one for your next build is no easy task. Our round-up comprises 4 Intel H55 based motherboards from the likes of Asrock, Asus, ECS, and Gigabyte. With a narrow price range between $90 and $105, it all comes down to features and performance.

Read: 4-Way Intel H55 Motherboard Shootout

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We are going to start getting i3 and i5 systems for the Hospital I work at this summer. Great replacements for the old Pentium 4 socket 478 systems we are pulling.

Nehemoth said,
I was thinking that you were refering to a 4 socket motherboard with that title.

So did I. It's a wee bit misleading.

Add me to that list.... Now that would have been an expensive rig.,...just the 4 Xeon cpu would cost a fortune