TechSpot: Antec LanBoy Air ATX Case Review

Antec has earned a reputation for extraordinary case designs such as the Skeleton, Dark Fleet, Hundred and ISK series, but late last year they unveiled what's arguably their most unique and striking case yet, the LanBoy Air.

At first glance you can tell this is an enthusiast and gamer-oriented product. Antec touts the LanBoy Air for its highly customizable and modular design. Weighing 20.3 lbs (9.2 kg), the case can be outfitted with an insane fifteen 120mm fans -- so you know the "Air" moniker belongs in its name. Perhaps more intriguing, nearly every part of the case is modular, even the motherboard and PSU mounts.

It also comes as good news that the LanBoy Air starts at $150, which is not a bad price point for a unique case offering these days. Let's check out in better detail what Antec has got in store for us...

Read: Antec LanBoy Air ATX Case Review

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ahhell said,
Isn't this review a bit late? This case came out in September.

Yeah, and since all of us get notified via registered mail of new cases on their release day, this review is totally irrelevant.

I would consider this if the haf x wasn't so awesome!

Still I like. But with the amount of dust in my place it'd kinda be painful owning that case...

Timan said,
If I had a wood shop, and had a machine I needed at the same time... this would be a pretty slick case.

As RO74R pointed out, dust would definitely be a problem for this case, so a wood shop is about the worst environment you could possibly put this case into...

RO74R said,
ummm...with no dust protecter inserts..that would be a dust magnet..

yepp i dont wanna see this after 3 months from installation

RO74R said,
ummm...with no dust protecter inserts..that would be a dust magnet..

Meh, I should think it would be pretty easy to hoover out too!