TechSpot: Apple iPad mini Retina Review

Every year Apple refreshes their tablet line-up with new hardware and new features. The full sized iPad got faster, lighter, slimmer and even received a new name (iPad Air), while the second-generation mini is more impressive than ever, thanks to a major update.

This new iPad mini comes with a Retina display: a high-resolution 7.9-inch panel whose resolution is on-par with the Air at 2048 x 1536, bringing 326 pixels per inch. Not only that, but Apple’s new A7 system on a chip is included, alongside a larger battery in a shell that’s nearly identical in size to the original iPad mini. Some aspects of the device remain the same, such as the camera and the connectivity options, but it still has many new features that will hopefully satisfy.

With the Retina display in the second-generation iPad mini, Apple has increased the price on the base 16 GB Wi-Fi model from $329 to $399, making it one of the most expensive tablets of its size. However, past iPads have been of exceptional quality, so will this be the same for the iPad mini? Does the Retina display and faster processor make a worthy upgrade for first-gen owners?

Read: Apple iPad mini with Retina Display: The TechSpot Review

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If only I had money to spend. This thing is absolutely beautiful! Love the new colours of iOS7 recently played with someone iphone and I have to say i'm properly impressed.

With W8 and RT tablets cheaper than this its no longer worth it to get an iPad mini or regular. Apple needs to start making them more productivity friendly imo.

The iPad is doing fine. The majority of people who use a tablet, do so "lightly". It's Microsoft that needs to figure out how to sell the Surface.

Mobius Enigma said,
Thank you for a concise review that doesn't pretend like the device is a piece of jewelry. Truly.

I like the criticism of the colours, the camera and the price...

and then the 90 OUTSTANDING score...


I like the criticism of the colours, the camera and the price...

and then the 90 OUTSTANDING score...

It seems strange that it's even an issue since it's EXACTLY the same as the first gen mini colour gamut.

I compared the two and couldn't tell the difference. The Air is definitely better but it really is a non issue since everyone who owned a mini has been using the same display colour wise for a year without any complaints.

The retina mini is great, feels a touch heavier than the 1st gen mini but not in a bad way. the size is perfect, display and speed.. couldn't be happier, except they sent me a white mini instead of black (wtf?) but ended up preferring the white anyway, win win!

I picked one up last week and I have to say, I'm impressed. The non-retina screen and underpowered processed of the original mini really put me off, and I couldn't really find a place for the full size iPad in my work or home life, but the retina mini fits in just great. There've been some complaints floating around the internet about the colour gamut of the screen, but I have no problems with it whatsoever.

I think the new iPad mini with retina is worth the upgrade. You're going from the A5 to the A7. I just got mine last week and I'm very impressed with it. It's leaps and bounds better than the original iPad mini.