TechSpot: Asrock Vision HT 420D HTPC review

It's been a few years since we published an enthusiastic review of Asrock's pricey-yet-powerful Vision 3D HTPC. The company has since kept our attention with annual updates, now on its fourth generation, the Vision HT 420D, has received a proper upgrade to Intel's Haswell architecture as well as other improvements that contribute to the system's respectable list of features, making it one of the most impressive HTPCs to date.

Although the Vision HT 420D has largely picked up where the Ivy Bridge-based Vision HT 300 left off, the newest range isn't quite as diverse . The HT 300 series included models with Core i3 and i5 processors, while some were complete builds and others were barebones options that let you customize your memory and storage. For now, Asrock's latest Vision offerings are limited to two models: the 400D and the 420D.


The former is powered by a Core i3-4000M, has 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive, while the latter (which we're reviewing) boasts the i5-4200M, 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Pricing has been one of our main concerns with previous Asrock Mini-PCs, and at $660, the 420D isn't exactly cheap. That figure excludes an operating system, though that's probably for the best considering the divide between Windows 7 and 8.

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I think it would do but to check go look at the i5 haswell processor on intels website that will tell you but i imagine it would do

That HTPC is far to expensive for what you get

Allows you to control the device with the TV remote instead of having to buy a remote kit for the device. I don't think it supports it.

I built my HTPC with an i5, Lian Li case (not cheap), 8 GB ram, 5 hard drives for storage, SSD for the main drive, Seasonic gold rated PSU. Real slick PC that works for my media and storage purposes. $800

Of course it is not that small due to hard drives but it is the most compact you can get for my setup but for $800.

Answer is no.

I like these but I'd like them a bit cheaper. with windows 8, they become stellar on a TV, in particular because they are so much better than an xbox to access xbox video, and other services not available on the xbox. Once the VLC store app comes out, I think the argument will be quite strong since windows 7-style window management via a remote, just doesn't work on tvs. For this reason, win8 is the way to go, but at that price....errrr...