TechSpot: Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Review

Our fondness for Cooler Master's full tower computer cases began roughly three years ago when we reviewed the HAF 932. Its stylish, aggressive design was backed by an excellent build quality. The affordable price tag was the icing on the cake for us. At the time, it was easily the ultimate tower case and that opinion remains strong today. The HAF 932 Advanced and HAF X are among the finest full tower chassis money can buy at $150-$200.

Cooler Master has also released various cases under its "Storm" banner, a subsidiary tasked with "arming the gaming revolution." Naturally, this duty is fulfilled by developing new keyboards, mice, cases, mouse pads and audio gear for gamers. To date, the brand has released a strong lineup of mid-sized ATX cases, including the Sniper, Scout and Enforcer. We featured the Enforcer in our recent roundup and found it to be an excellent value at only $85.

It's been a year since the HAF X's arrival, and Cooler Master may have already outdone itself... The CM Storm Trooper at $190 comes packing several new features: 90-degree rotatable 4-in-3 HDD modules, an easy-to-carry handle, a hidden toolbox to store private goods, a built-in fan controller, an external 2.5" storage drive X-dock and the ability to support up to 14 internal hard drives.

Read: Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Review

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I dont think theres anything appealing about it. And actually who really cares abotu the design, its just a case. My primary box is just a regular black case and its perfect for what it does.

What's wrong with you people and case design? Its ugly as hell, it reminds me of those rugged toughbooks...

And what's with the handle? As if you're going to carry it around with you.

A good case design is the NZXT Phantom. The cases in stock all have 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0. But it's not advertised because some in stock still have 2 USB 2.0 but black Friday should've wiped out that stock.

The NZXT Phantom case has a brilliant design and so many perks. Although the Phantom 410 would appear to be crap since they took a fantastic design for a big case and sized it down for a mid size case...bad idea.

Pretty sexy. That would look nuts in Black and red. a dark red.
sadly like you Kushan I'm not looking for a new case anytime soon.

That case looks GORGEOUS! If I was in the market for a new case, I'd be ready to put down $200 for that in a heartbeat.