TechSpot: Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2012

From the perspective of folks who cover tech-related happenings, this is always a polarizing time of year. The final weeks of December are generally void of product announcements, yet only two weeks later, we're bombarded with new gadgets at CES.

Before we move on to the latest and greatest devices of 2013, we figure it's worth revisiting some of 2012's most popular devices as suggested by our Product Finder, which includes reviews by hundreds of seasoned specialists across the Web. We've included 59 products across 14 categories along with their aggregate review score and a brief commentary that explains why they're special.

Read: Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2012

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I'm surprised that Asus V247H-P monitor isn't listen in there. It's an amazing monitor with mind blowing image quality.

And not Surface. :-/

IMHO, Surface is not a bad machine, but it is a bit expensive and it is sold as a tablet instead of a notebook.

Bought more crap than I thought this year. Nexus tablet, GS3 Phone, Computer workstation, Media server "thingy"...might not have really NEEDED any of it, but sure have been pleased with the performance and quality overall...