TechSpot: Building a Thin Mini-ITX PC - Small and Silent Performance

While many of us are content with traditional desktop tower PCs, there are those who have been pushing for a more compact and quieter alternative.

The idea behind the Thin Mini-ITX format, besides the obvious which is to create seriously compact computers, is also to allow for DIY all-in-ones (think of little PCs you can attach to the back of your monitor). Having that said, we don't fully intend to go the all-in-one route in this article, but are aiming to build a powerful Thin Mini-ITX system that can be used in the office or at home as a media PC.

So, to recap, this is our goal: extremely compact, powerful, and near silent operation, as in no-moving-parts silent. For less than $700 including a 256GB SSD, we believe you'll love what the final product will look like.

Read: Building a Thin Mini-ITX PC - Small and Silent Performance

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