TechSpot: Corsair Obsidian 350D Case Review

With well over a dozen members spread across four chassis families, Corsair offers enclosures at just about every price point and form factor relevant to high-end system builders, including six Obsidian products spanning from $100 to $350. The upper end of that bracket, as you're likely aware, is held by the super tower 900D, which is followed by the full-tower 800D at $240 and mid-tower 650D at $190.

Branded the Obsidian 350D, the newcomer crams its more expensive sibling's features into an affordable microATX package and sports the same clean, black brushed-aluminum finish, handy tool-free design and innovative cable management. While the base 350D is available for around $90, a second edition goes for $110 that adds a side window. So how does Corsair budget Obsidian fair?

Read: Corsair Obsidian 350D Case Review

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Any Corsair Carbide/Obsidian or Fractal Design Define/Arc - happy building
Most others thus far, especially Zalman, Aerocool or Tt - ermahgerdwtfisthisboxofcrap

I have the 550D? I think it was, the case is huge, but I love the thing, all acoustically insulated, very plain design (I hate windows and stuff in a case)