TechSpot: Crucial MX100 Review - Fast and Affordable SSD

Famed for its quality memory modules, Crucial has also become one of the most trusted names in the solid-state drive business. Its RealSSD C300 made waves back in 2010 as the first consumer SSD series to natively support 6Gb/s SATA, and since then they've offered various successful upper-end products such as the M4 as well as the M500/M500DC.

But the company's entry-level efforts have been less than laudable to date. In fact, the biggest hitch along the company's road has been its budget-minded v4 series, whose controller was so bad that the drive was unusable.

Now Crucial is taking another crack at producing a cost effective SSD and things look more promising this time. Instead of a cheap controller, Crucial has outfitted its MX100 SSDs with the same Marvell chip used by the high-end M550 series, and cheaper 16nm NAND flash memory. This makes for a relatively small difference in performance but a big one in price.

Read: The Fast and Affordable SSD - Crucial MX100 Review
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256 GB=$110
512 GB=$225
Too bad it isn't available in 1 TB capacity! Just last week I got Samsung EVO 840 1TB for $433. :p

UXGaurav said,
256 GB=$110
512 GB=$225
Too bad it isn't available in 1 TB capacity! Just last week I got Samsung EVO 840 1TB for $433. :p

Where did you get it?

>> Still too pricey.
I don't think those are too much really. In comparison to other quality SSDs those are pretty good. If you're thinking conventional spinning-disk drives than yeah, SSDs are still a lot more expensive as far as $/GB, but every quarter the situation is getting better and better. Still, excluding the drive size factor, SSDs have some very strong advantages -- speed, heat, power requirements, size, vibration resistance, etc.

The only thing I wanted to see is the price, which is not mentioned here unless you go to source.

FloatingFatMan said,
Could at least quote the price as well, instead of making people jump to the article...

If you are going to complain about not listing the price, you could at least list the price in your comment :D I would list the price, but I see it's already listed 2 posts down.