TechSpot: Crysis 2 GPU & CPU Performance Test

Crytek and EA unleashed the highly anticipated sequel to Crysis last week. So far reviews about the game are highly positive, while informal observations from bloggers and PC gamers tend to note that Crysis 2 has departed from some of its predecessor's gameplay essentials and feels closer to a Call of Duty-style shooter.

As things stand today, Crysis 2 on the PC does offer better textures, but that's about it other than the higher resolutions and frame rates usually offered by PC titles. DX11 effects are expected to be added in a future patch, but in the meantime don't misinterpret us, the game looks gorgeous regardless.

Clearly it's not exactly what we expected, but Crysis 2 does appear to be quite a lot of fun nonetheless. Now the question that remains to be answered is how demanding Crysis 2 is on PC hardware? Despite its shortcomings, can it bring the most power hungry rigs to their knees as the original game did?

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I have found that a lot of PC users have been experiencing crashing, and freezing of the game, thankfully my rig is in tip top condition, mainly because I make sure everything is always up to date. I make sure that my OS is defragged on a regular basis, drivers up to date, check the HDD's for errors and maintain stability of the system. Never had an issue with CRYSIS , apart from a moan about no DX10 and DX11. I know that a lot of people think that general maintenance of you PC does not matter. But from experience it does. I had major problems with CRYSIS and CRYSIS WARHEAD but touch wood nothing with CRYSIS 2.

Not to poo-poo Techspot's rig building skills, but I'm running Crysis 2 on a Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 3.2GHz, 4GB of RAM, and an HD6950, and at 1920x1080 I'm getting perfectly acceptable framerates on Extreme settings. Much higher than the apparent 38FPS that they're getting with a far superior CPU.

Sava I would think it would almost have to be some kind of conflicting driver error. C2D E8500@3.16 9800GTX 8 gig ram I can play all day with no issues. No fancy setup here for cooling either hence I don't think it could be a heat issue....

I'm running the game on a Q9300 with a 9800GTX with 8gigs of ram and I can't play it longer than about 45mins to an hour cause it causes the screen to go solid grey and/or lockup with a bluescreen error or similar. The last few blue-screens I saw were pointing to nvidia driver files so I'm thinking it was a driver issue but I've tried a few different ones and no change. The min is set at 8800 and I know my card is fine but for some reason I'm having this damn issue and it's driving me nuts!

Looks like they finally did an official test rather than the previous one they did beforehand. This is the second game I have come across that doesn't include the full feature it is intended. Total War Shogun 2 being the second without DX11 support until a patch. Hoping this won't turn out to be a common thing in future games to come... That being said that they already charge for included content on some games like say Capcom ones.

Morisato said,
This is the second game I have come across that doesn't include the full feature it is intended. Total War Shogun 2 being the second without DX11 support until a patch. Hoping this won't turn out to be a common thing in future games to come...

The DX11 patch for Crysis 2 is just rumor, there is no confirmation of any patch from Crytek. We can expect a patch (happens for every game) but don't expect DX11.

I personally like CRysis 2, my machine (in sig) is able to play it using the “extreme” graphics settings (highest), with absolutely no issues at all. Like a hot knife through butter actually!
It is very arcade though, and I completely agree with the author that is has departed from some of its predecessor's game play. Almost like they have a much heavier Console slant on it now! Never mind. Will carry on playing/enjoying it.

Im only slightly disappointed :- )

ApuBo said,
nice to know that i able to play in extreme ^^ (but dx9 ;(. )

And despite it's age, name one FPS that has used as many DX9-launched calls as Crysis 2.

While DX9c is old (goes back to XP), it was groundbreaking in and of itself, because it largely *wasn't* limited to gaming uses. However, game developers (the biggest users) had largely pushed on as soon as DX10 came out. (There are two exceptions - Stardock and Valve. However, not even Stardock and Valve uses that many DX9-launched calls; Crysis 2 uses more DX9c calls than Stardock and Valve have combined.)

Why would Crytek stay with a mostly (and at launch, completely) DX9c codebase for the core of a PC shooter?

"Can it run Crysis?"

Crytek got whacked with that particular brickbat since the launch of Crysis, and the whacking didn't let up with the Warhead and Wars (1.5, basically) launches.

And if you think it's a CoD clone, just wait until you get to the last few missions - all based in Central Park). I haven't completed it yet, but I am more than halfway through it (the Central Park missions) - I'm not going to give away any enemy-style spoilage. However, one of your biggest enemies in Central Park isn't the Ceph.

CELL? By then, disbanded.
Hargreave? Underwater.
Lockhart? Dead of a broken neck. (After listening to him lose it while at the Prism, it was one of my more satisfying takedowns in any FPS. Oh, yeah. Very Personal.)

The biggest enemy in Central Park is the chessplayer that repealed the law of gravity!

If you've played the original Crysis, you doubtless remember the end-stages where it's you and the Ceph scout mano-a-mano on that DPRK island with the whacked-out gravity.

Central Park is worse. Much MUCH worse.

It's the first FPS since UT that threatens to make me *airsick* while not flying.

Even more horrifying, gravity in one section of Central Park need not (and often doesn't) act the same as it does in the next section.

That's the REAL inspiration for you to take down the Ceph and their chessplayer.

So you can stop feeling like you're going to lose the lunch you can no longer eat.

The very fact that I am having to tackle the end stage piecemeal due to getting queasy-tummy syndrome means that Crytek did what they were supposed to do, despite the *supposed* limits of DX9c and five-year-old development targets.

Are we, as PC gamers, let alone a gaming community, that jaded that we have to pick nits instead of actually enjoying the game itself as pure escapism (you know - what movies were supposed to be, but often haven't been as of late)?