TechSpot: Cubitek HPTX-ICE Case Review

Founded in spring 2010, Cubitek is a relative newcomer to the chassis industry, but that's not stopping it from challenging the biggest names in the business -- including veteran Lian Li. Last month, the company unveiled its latest ICE series with five premium models spanning everything from Mini-ITX to HPTX.

All of the ICE series chassis feature a 2.5mm aluminum construction and Cubitek says this makes them stronger than standard aluminum cases while maintaining a thin and light figure. The largest model, the Cubitek HPTX-ICE, stands 559mm (22") tall and 613mm (24") long, weighing 19.6lbs (8.9kg) when empty.

At $360, the HPTX-ICE is among the priciest cases around, so we're expecting good things -- though the competition is certainly stiff. Lian Li's PC-V2120 is $350, and it left a strong impression when we reviewed in 2010. Let's move on and see what the HPTX-ICE is made of -- literally and figuratively...

Read: Cubitek HPTX-ICE Case Review
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If you're going to spend that kind of money on a case, might as well spend a wee bit more and get a Caselabs case.

For that price, you can choose from a pool of Lian-Li or Silverstone cases that are better built and better looking....

While most case doors feature clips every few inches around the perimeter to ensure a tight fit, the HPTX-ICE simply relies on one screw per corner. This is annoying in and of itself, but it's more than just an inconvenience.

Once hardware is installed, cables pressing even gently on the door cause it to buckle outwards.

That says it all for me. It started off just looking like a cheap knock off of a Lian Li case, and that proved it. For $360, get an *actual* Lian Li case instead.

Looks very cheap and nasty. To be honest the only thing going for it, is USB 3 err and errr..............

Reacon said,
For 360$... eh. It looks like something I'd buy for 70$

I think so too.
But to be more honest, wouldn't buy it.

Looks like a knock off of a Lian Li case. I'm not a fan of those cheap doors with the thumbscrews holding it on either.

Looks okay externally but poorly manufactured in my opinion.