TechSpot: DiRT 3 GPU & CPU Performance Test

As one of the first games to take advantage of DirectX 11, we've been using Dirt 2 to benchmark graphics cards since its arrival in late 2009. Although it's been a crucial part of our testbed, Dirt 2 isn't quite as taxing as it was when the first DX11 cards arrived. With Crysis 2 dissapointingly restricted to DX9 and few other knee-buckling games on the immediate horizon, we've been eagerly awaiting the next iteration of Codemaster's racing series.

The company answered our prayers last week, launching Dirt 3 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developed with the latest (v2.0) EGO game engine, Dirt 3 is a spectacular looking racing game with some surprisingly high, but also incredibly vague recommended system requirements.

Codemasters recommends that you play with an AMD Phenom II or Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6000 series graphics card, but fails to mention specific models or anything at all from Nvidia. Meanwhile, the minimum requirements say you can scrape by with a paltry Athlon 64/Pentium D and HD 2000/GeForce 8000 class graphics.

While it's nice that gamers with five year-old machines can play Dirt 3, we're more interested in knowing what it takes to experience the game with all its visual splendor. As usual we've compiled the performance of over 20 graphics cards, all DX11 capable, at several different resolutions.

Read: DiRT 3 GPU & CPU Performance Test
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Dirt3 looks so good on my 27" Apple Cinema Display running at 2560x1440 on my AMD Radeon HD 6950 with everything turned on. Lovely.

I'm running a 4890 and a E7300 and the game runs really well at 1920x1200, 4xAA, High. Scored 51 fps average with lowest being 31, in the in-game benchmark. I dont get those recommended specs, they seem way overkill for the game, except for the DX11 features, obviously..

Gutierrez said,
looks better on 360. and the only thing you need to spend is $200 (+the game price, of course). LOL.
I have both versions and the PC game is visually outstanding compared to its Xbox 360 counterpart. On the Xbox it looks good but in the PC, using DirectX 11 and everything maxed out, there is just no comparison at all.

I was surprisingly pleased that the game was playable on my old Core 2 Duo 2.10GHz with my 1GB HD5850 - well done and thankyou Codemasters

I've been playing it with my new Core i5 rig just built a few weeks ago max settings.

Core i5 2500K
GTX 460
4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
1TB Seagate HDD
630W Earthwatts PSU

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