TechSpot: E3 2014 PC Game Trailer Roundup

Didn't clear your schedule to track E3? Here are 40 plus PC game trailers from the event along with expected release dates and launch platforms for each title. The games are ordered alphabetically and if they are due to appear on both generations (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 and Xbox One/PlayStation 4), then we generically labeled them as Xbox and PlayStation games to reduce clutter. We crosschecked our list with several sources but we're bound to have missed a few titles so feel free to share those in the comments.

Read: E3 2014 PC Game Trailer Roundup
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That Uncharted doe.... and The Division!

And Hotline Miami 2, and Battlefront... oh god, someone's wallet is going to be murdered.

6AM woke up and saw the article and watched a few trailers. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw Abe's Odyssey... took a closer look at the title.. it says Abyss Odyssey damn it my eyes played tricks on me again... oh well there's always next year..

Star Wars Battlefront, Civilization Beyond Earth, Hotline Miami 2, Defense Grid 2, Alien Isolation....*head explodes*

Awesome was going to go trawling for all the trailers and info this weekend, this post has saved me a bit of time, thanks

ah man took ages to get through the ones in the first link, now I have more hah :) thanks.

So far October 2014 is shaping up to be a good month of games.