TechSpot: Iconic Hardware - The Products that Made a Dent on the PC Industry

The personal computing industry is a commodity market. The industry as a whole became what it is today through stardardization of design parameters, and a whole lexicon of acronyms allowed what was largely a domain for hobbyists to become components – compatible, interchangeable, standardized to the point where mass manufacture became viable.

But whereas incremental changes and imitation of an already successful product are low risk decisions, every once in a while a profound change in design philosophy can also usher in an icon.

What makes a product iconic? Design, functionality, styling, and innovation will get you part of the way there, but the true tests are how these products distinguished themselves from their competitors, how widely those traits were imitated by those competitors, and how history remembers their status.

Read: Iconic Hardware - The Products that Made a Dent on the PC Industry
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Glad to see the Razer Boomslang made the list, even though the mention is factually incorrect.

Karna Technologies was the company that originally released the Razer. They later went belly up trying to focus on medical precision instruments rather than gaming.

A small faction of Karna employees bought the rights to the boomslang and started the Razer company.

I still have my original Boomslang, as well as the re-made Boomslang 2000. If a mouse is connected to my PC, it's a Razer.

that articles is lacking in some areas. the tnt cards was killing voodoo. voodoo cards was 16bit color cards. and tnt was 32bit, which gave the upper edge when 32bit games starting coming out. some patches was released to try help games run with acceleration in 16bit but then you lost graphics quality in games. voodoo 5 came out with 32bit but it was too late.

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