TechSpot: Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Review

After last month's underwhelming Haswell refresh, Intel says overclockers can rejoice over the newest revision of its fourth-generation Core processors, codenamed Devil's Canyon.

Like the Core i7-4770K before it, the new 4790K is an 1150-pin LGA processor that is compatible with Intel 8-series and 9-series chipsets. The core frequency has been increased by almost 15% from 3.5GHz to 4.0GHz (up to 4.4GHz Turbo Boost), along with other improvements including updated packaging materials, more capacitors for smoother power deliver, as well as a 'Next Generation Polymer Thermal Interface Material' (NGPTIM).

In what can only come as great news, the Core i7-4790K will be available for the same $339 as the 4770K. Although that offers no incentive for 4770K owners to upgrade, folks looking to buy the 4770K should find the 4790K attractive.

Read: Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Review

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