TechSpot: Is There a Touchable Windows 8 Laptop For You?

If you’ve played around a bit with Windows 8, you know it’s just one of those things that needs to be touched. A mouse is okay, a trackpad gets by, but don’t-call-it-Metro begs to be touched. The live tiles and lengthy Start screen are designed for just that, and nothing else truly satisfies.

While manufacturers haven’t exactly flooded the market with touch-enabled laptops, there are some good options out there already. Expect a crush of touchable Windows 8 machines at CES early next year, but for those shopping this holiday, we have cherry picked the best touch-enabled, Windows 8 laptops.

Because the market has yet to be saturated, each manufacturer seems to have chosen a specific kind of consumer to chase. That means, for the manufacturer agnostic, it’s likely that there is a solid choice for your usage case. Whether you need something basic to poke and prod at, or require a sleek and specced-out Ultrabook, someone’s got you covered.

Read: Is There a Touchable Windows 8 Laptop For You?

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Waiting will reward. I held out for months until the Nexus 10 for my GF and so glad I did, it's better than I had hoped. For myself, I want a detachable keyboard and real windows, convertibles are nice, but I give a lot of client presentations and walking in with a small binder and light laptop is so much more elegant than lugging in a laptop and looking for a place to setup etc, besides that, it's really about work and play, when you want to work, you want a keyboard, afterwards I don't want to lug around the weight...Physical keyboards, no "sort of" keyboards.

I'm probably just going to wait for the Surface pro, I like the Dell XPS 12 but you can't fully remove the touchscreen.

Just got the Toshiba 925T for my wife and she loves it. I am looking to return mu Microsoft Surface, pay a little more and get a Ultra-book convertible for myself. Any suggestions?