TechSpot: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

When Apple's very first iPad hit the scene in 2010, their take on the "modern tablet" was destined to become ubiquitous: a thin, rigid slab of touchable electronics covered by a sheet of shiny Gorilla Glass. Following the iPad's resounding success, Apple (and others) made no apologies for designing their tablets as though they were giant smartphones -- or at the very least, something less than a full-fledged computer.

Gone were the days of custom software installations, file system management and editing config files; in their places appeared one-click app store installs, locked down software hell-bent on shielding users from directory structures and an often times disappointingly spartan selection of customization and configuration options.

Consider this though: Windows 8 Pro on a tablet challenges this mindset.

Say what you will about Microsoft's latest (and arguably not greatest) OS, but Redmond's software gives users back much of the control and utility lost during the shift to Apple's and Google's mobile operating systems. Thankfully, Windows 8 achieves this while simultaneously providing a mostly pleasurable tablet experience, even though they sometimes get in the way of each other.

Read: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

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"although I found it interesting that Windows 8 would only show CPU usage as though it were a single core." duh, right-click (or long press) the graph in performance to show as separate graphs for all logical processors. Not that hard to figure out

Looks hot. Keyboard looks good to me too.