TechSpot: LG G3 Review

Touting several refinements and a new 5.5-inch Quad HD display, LG has brought to market the new LG G3. The new, larger display brings a resolution and pixel density above what we’ve seen on the current crop of flagships. You also get a 13-megapixel camera with a unique laser autofocus system, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC that's at the top of its class.

On the software side, LG has completed a major clean-up to its Optimus UI which sits atop Android 4.4, giving it an overall simpler look and addressing some of the complaints users had with the previous model.

Not unlike other premium Android phone makers, LG has largely been tweaking the formula established with its previous flagship, adding better components and polishing up the package.

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An excellent review by Tim as always.

Anandtech points out that the display panel of G3 is inferior quality even if it has more pixel density. Also, the games at 1440p of G3 will run slower than 1080p of G2. Due to overheating, the GPU throttles down more often and the phone slows down considerably. This concludes that G3 is actually a pointless phone. But people can get G2 at heavily discounted rate and load a G3 ROM. That is a killer combination. Best of both worlds.

tlogank said,
It's far from a pointless phone. It's plenty fast, the screen is still gorgeous, and the battery life has been great. Also, the general public seems to be really happy with it...a very nice upgrade from the G2. Here's what real life people have thought about it so far:

It isn't a pointless phone but it shows that the hardware isn't ready for 1440p. The Moto X+1 is rumoured to have a 1080p display and I wouldn't be surprised if the Nexus 6 had one too. I'd rather get better battery life and performance than a higher-res display that makes the GPU generate a lot of heat.

Yeah. The display resolution increase is pointless. I'd LOVE a G3 with the same size screen but higher quality and 1080p. That would be pretty close to my ideal phone.

I mean, it has everything else going for it. I have a G2 and it's a wonderful phone, I especially love the huge battery life. I can often go 3 days between charges. The G3 doesn't have quite the same battery life, but removable cover, MicroSD slot and laser autofocus are to me all big improvements over the G2.