TechSpot: OCZ Vertex 2 Pro 100GB SSD Review

While we don't expect solid-state drives to become mainstream just yet, they are by all means moving quickly in that direction. Current generation SSDs deliver more value than ever before, plus they have the speed advantage, features, and adequate capacity to become viable alternatives to standard disk drives to most users.

OCZ's first SandForce-based SSD will be the Vertex 2 Pro which is set for release this March. The Vertex 2 Pro uses the SF-1500 controller with MLC memory and is intended to provide enterprise-level reliability and performance. Therefore, the Vertex 2 Pro is not going to be an affordable SSD as its primary focus will be on performance.

The more popular choice is likely going to be the Vertex 2 that will use the SF-1200 controller. This version should deliver similar performance to the Vertex 2 Pro with the exception of random writes, which is said to be lower. Still we are keen to see how the SandForce SF-1500 controller performs as we test OCZ’s upcoming flagship SSD.

Read: OCZ Vertex 2 Pro 100GB SSD Review

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Other World Computing introduced the Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD, a 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) for Macs and PCs. With prices ranging from $229.99 for 50GB, $399 for 100GB and $779.99 for a 200GB version, the drive features read and write times over 260MB/s with 0.1 ms latency and "virtually no reduction in data transfer rate over the five year warranty life of the drive." According to OWC:

Utilizing SandForce DuraClass Technology, the OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD is able to provide up to 100x higher data protection than provided by ordinary SSDs as well as leading enterprise class Hard Disk Drives. By combining the highest level of Error Correction Code (ECC) and SandForce RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) technology, the OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD provides RAID like data protection and reliability without loss of transfer speed due to parity.

Angel Blue01 said,
Wow what a drive, but $800 for 93 GB (formatted)? Umm no. SSDs won't be mainstream until they're a third of the price of this thing.

Well, you CAN get an SSD that size (or even a bit larger) for much less than $800. But the whole SSD market is surrounded by FUD and confusion. The technology is just moving so fast now it is hard to keep up with what features mean and if they are worth the cost. I think it won't go mainstream until the feature sets settle down and the price comes down.