TechSpot: Patriot Box Office Media Player review

The digital age has brought about a new breed of media players designed to handle all your music, movies and television shows in a small compact package. With the growing popularity of Internet-based broadcasts, as well as the legal (and not so legal) distribution of movies, television shows and other multimedia content, traditional players are no longer cutting it.

To date every affordable digital media player that I have come across suffered from multiple flaws. The prospect of acquiring a capable digital media player for around $100 appeared bleak, until now. The search for the perfect affordable solution was reignited when Patriot sent us their new "Box Office" media player that sells for $99.

This small unit boasts full 1080p support along with a wide range of media formats, including H.264, ISO, VOB, DivX, xVid, MKV, MOV and MPEG amongst others. The Box Office supports internal and external storage along with wired or wireless network streaming for HDD-less operation.

Read: Patriot Box Office Media Player review

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I have one and love it. They release firmware updates, not sure if it supports compressed headers or not. There are also a lot of custom firmwares that do crazy stuff too.

neither popbox or this one are available in the UK I am looking for a wireless box to replace my WD HD TV... any suggestions