TechSpot: PC Games That Weren't Cancelled, But Should Have Been

Although some decent games do poorly for no good reason, many titles are so headscratchingly bad that you have to wonder why the developer even bothered.

In the group of terribly bad games, there are the truly bad ones and then there are the big flops: those that have built an irredeemable amount of hype. Without further ado, here's our PC gaming hall of shame: games that weren't cancelled but should have been.

Read: PC Gaming Hall of Shame: Games That Weren't Cancelled, But Should Have Been

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How about the Command and Conquer series?
I surely enjoyed SimCity racing and duke nukem forever more than the recent couple of CnC games.
Postal was the biggest letdown for game franchises ever. Very much enjoyed Postal 1 and especially 2. But 3 was so horrible... the loading times alone... 10minutes of loading for a menu, or a not that good graphics and world.

i loved the portal 2 even though loading time were bad.

the game was original and funny as hell in a twisted sort of way.

postal 3 was so bad, i did not even try to play it, after watching the gameplay videos.

Duke Nukem Forever wasn't a terrible game. It didn't live up to the 15 year hype, lacked a lot of the novelty of the original, and was pretty much just a generic FPS, but it wasn't terrible.

van Helsing game comes to mind. the conversion from movie to game was awful. It used cinematic camera views. so you could Always see the front of van helsing but not where you were running/jumping/shooting to.

have fun finding that ladder you have to climb on the other side of the room. One of the positive aspects, probably endless hours of gameplay! never made it past the second level....

I've been playing through the games released by 1C that I've accumulated through indie bundles, so I've got an extra one for the list: Death to Spies. That game is a buggy, unplayable piece of s**t.

i had a friend that loved it. i dont know why (only because of the humor?)

i was a huge duke nukem fan, and i actually enjoyed manhattan project (more or less)

but duke nukem forever was annoying! some parts were great, but some gameplay mechanics just killed the fun for me.

I can totally get behind RF2 and DE:IW and S3D there, poor old Deus Ex in particular.

The tagline for this article seems more than a little loaded to me, though. I can make concessions for DNF and Postal 3 which are just very badly designed, quite a few of the others listed were obviously cases where they weren't ill-conceived games but were just rushed out the door too early (Big Rigs for example is a pre-alpha build that the publisher decided to put on the shelves before it was anywhere near feature-complete or even functional yet).

Same.. thought NWN2 was overall quite good. Only thing that irritated me was the backasswards mouse buttons, compared to most other games anyway. DE:IW wasn't great, but not horrible either.. was decent with a few third party mods, etc.

I had DE:IW on launch day after being a fan of the original - disappointment ensued.
Red Faction 2 was a complete shock after many hours spent on Red Faction's multiplayer. Bad game.
Sega let their fan base down with Sonic 3D, the start of many disappointments to come. Why they waited so long after the original launch to bother releasing it for the PC I will never know.
NWN2 was as memorable as Dai Katana; long wait for release, massive hype, terrible control interface. What was with the freaking cutscene frequency? It's not often that voice actors are more irritating than Final Fantasy X either.

I actually played the **** out of Halo! Halo 2 was an absolute mess though, and definitely was an insult to gamers. Not to mention... Vista... what in the hell.

dead.cell said,
I actually played the **** out of Halo! Halo 2 was an absolute mess though, and definitely was an insult to gamers. Not to mention... Vista... what in the hell.

I LOVED Halo .... Halo 2 was a let down, but still a good enough game to keep me excited for Halo 3, which I once again felt was back up to scratch ... then Halo ODST was ... umm ... I like it, but I felt the story was too disjointed, and there were too many points where I felt I was doing nothing but walking from area to area. Still, well created in general ... then came Halo Reach, which I enjoyed immensely and found to bring the game back up to the quality for me, of Halo 3. Halo 4 is my favourite game in the series. Halo holds the biggest 'impact' for me as I didn't expect the story to be so compelling, but for gameplay ... 4 was my favourite. And I have just done all of these games in direct succession ... from about 5 weeks ago, I have slammed through every Halo game on Heroic, one after the other

Depicus said,

Come on. You're jusy saying that because you know most people love that game. I'm not a fan of FPS at all but I've played Halo hours upon hours with my friends. Both the campaign as well as the matches were a lot of fun.

Halo belongs in a list of games that changes gaming for the better. Before Halo it wasnt normal to bring FPS to consoles. After Halo it was the standard. Combined with wRPGs (KOTOR, Morrowind, Fable) and Xbox Live it was the key to Microsoft's xbox succes story. Which was a good thing for gamers because Sony was getting crazy with its PS2 game prices.

They're not complaining about Halo 2. Their complaining about Halo 2 the PC port.

It's very different and it was misleading by TechSpot.

Even there I disagree. How many console games don't get a PC port? They're just complaining it was released too late and had the Vista requirement. While I do agree that wasn't good, why would a port be on a list of games that should have never been released? It makes no sense.

Because if you're going to do something, do it right. Otherwise, why bother with all these complications, if but only to try and sell an operating system...

NFS 3: Hot Pursuit & NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) have been their only decent games that actually focus on good cars and game play, anything else has been street racing chav crap.

HighwayGlider said,
Any Need For Speed after the original Most Wanted should've been cancelled IMO.

>implying those havent been to much already

Aergan said,
NFS 3: Hot Pursuit & NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) have been their only decent games that actually focus on good cars and game play, anything else has been street racing chav crap.

So you've never played NFS, NFS2, NFS4: High Stakes, or Porsche Unleashed?

NFS "Road Challenge" as it was called here was a terrible port on the PC, like they tried to "redo" NFS 3 to fit console limitations rather than port from PC to console. On the Playstation it just wasn't better than or as good as NFS 3.
First two NFS games weren't interesting compared to Screamer & Ridge Racer, only when NFS 3 came out was it actually entertaining/rewarding to play.
Never played of / heard of Porsche Unleashed - must have not done well over here distribution wise.