TechSpot: Samsung 470 Series 256GB SSD review

Samsung is back in the SSD game with a new controller they have quietly sneaked out the door. Lo and behold Samsung started selling their new 470 Series SSDs in late August featuring capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB yet not much has been said about these drives.

The 470 Series is being exclusively sold under the Samsung brand name and doesn't just feature a Samsung controller but also Samsung NAND flash memory. The drives boast some pretty impressive specifications, for example the 256GB version we are reviewing today claims a read throughput of 250MB/s and writes of 220MB/s.

Not meaning to spoil this one for you, for now we'll tell you this quiet achiever came from nowhere to dominate our performance charts with stellar performance. So without further ado let's check out this new drive in greater detail...

Read: Samsung 470 Series 256GB SSD Review

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Its a pretty quick drive. Samsung really got there controller issue fix from there first go at it. I am sure we will see more SSD with there controllers.

ShiFteDReaLitY said,
Its a pretty quick drive. Samsung really got there controller issue fix from there first go at it. I am sure we will see more SSD with there controllers.

If you write "there" instead of "their" once, then you just made a mistake, but when you do it twice, then you seriously need to go back to school son....sigh

How many of you who will read this whole article will understand everything that was discuss. To long, and way too technical for the average joe blow computer user. The main thing must people are interested in is the price, they really have no idea what the article is saying.

In other words break it down a bit so the common computer user isn't banging their heads trying to figure what all that tech stuff means. In other words what does it cost, and what will do for me.

Then maybe they shouldn't be reading technical forums with hardware reviews. If what you say is what they want, nothing stops them to go to the last page and simply read the conclusion

I get what you are saying, but that is why you read the Final Thoughts and the intro and a quick glance at the test results.

Chances are, no average joe needs a SSD or should be getting one as it serves little purpose for them in terms for price over value. They have low storage capacity and are expensive when compared to what is offered these days. People actually is interested in it will like the performance results as very often that is how they gauge which product they are getting.

And they did tell you the cost at the end.

_DP said,
"Over to you Ollie..."


"Thanks, Ollie!"

Now why would you go ahead and post that hilarious quote from Family Guy on a technical forum? LOL

SK[ said,]A bargain at £500...

Yups, I think I'll be getting a small SSD for OS and APPS. I mean it's the only reason the average user would need a drive that is so fast at the minute.

In fact, the only common advantage I can think of is video editing purposes. Also perhaps high resolution photos, like those taken with a hasselblad...