TechSpot: Silverstone Fortress FT03 microATX Case

We've had our hands on various Silverstone cases in recent times, with the Raven RV03 being one of our favorites. As the latest member of the elite Raven family, the RV03 continued the tradition of using the "stack effect" which mounts the internal components at a 90 degree angle, pointing the "rear" I/O panel upward.

Although much of the enthusiast community's attention has been focused on the Raven cases, Silverstone offers a vast array of enclosures that rank favorably among system builders. The company's Fortress series is one such example, comprised of a very diverse range of mid-sized high-end cases that are constructed from a thick aluminum body to create a light yet durable chassis.

The new Fortress FT03 that we're reviewing today is unlike anything we've seen from the series before. Unlike its predecessors, this latest iteration is not a mid-tower ATX case, but rather utilizes its own unique design to take the form of a compact microATX case.

Considering the FT03 stands 19.17" (487mm) tall (a tad shorter than the RV03), we were not expecting motherboard support to be limited to the mATX form factor. Despite being fairly tall, the FT03 has a pint-sized 9.25" (235mm) by 11.18" (284mm) footprint, significantly less than the Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354, one of our favorite microATX computer cases.

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Commenting is disabled on this article. just looks like a box. I mean, it really doesn't need to have anything elaborate, but at least it should look way better than just a plain box.

Jeez, that logo takes me back to my Silicon graphics days. My poor neglected little Octane hasn't been fired up in years.

Chicane-UK said,
That's sweet! I really like it! What decent small form factor motherboards are out there though for a system like this?

My Asus P8P67-M PRO kicks some pretty serious ass, only thing with this case though is that my MB has no USB3.0 frontpanel headers