TechSpot: Six Things Apple Got Right In iOS 7 And Six Still Missing

Despite how much people claim to like change, at the core we are creatures of habit. Just as we saw when Facebook introduced Timeline and as we will see when Twitter makes its next significant change, people are going to get up in arms about it. Apple’s iOS 7 was no different.

Described as the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone, iOS 7 has been available to the general public for roughly two weeks at this point. That’s given everyone plenty of time to get accustomed to all of the changes and vent about them, but for us, it’s served as an evaluation period.

Looking beyond the flat UI and the animated background, has that much really changed in Apple’s mobile OS? Here are my top six things still missing in iOS 7 as well as the six that Apple nailed with the update.

Read: Six Things Apple Got Right In iOS 7 And Six Still Missing
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