TechSpot: Testing 10 Gigabit Ethernet Performance, QNAP & Synology NAS

Hoping to drive small and medium business sales, NAS-makers have been pushing to deliver enterprise features such as cloud storage, virtualization support, automated backup software and iSCSI support. There's also been an effort to include technologies such as Link Aggregation, which can increase network bandwidth when dealing with multiple users and also provides redundancy in case one of the links fails.

First seen over a decade ago, 10GbE is not a new technology, but it's been largely reserved for pricey enterprise devices. It's ten times faster than Gigabit Ethernet and only supports full duplex point to point links, which are generally connected by network switches, so 10GbE hubs don't exist.

The 10GbE standard is slowly gaining momentum. With that in mind, we're checking out two new high-end SMB NAS devices: the QNAP TS-879 Pro, which costs $2,200 without its optional 10GbE network card, and the $3,500 Synology DS3612xs.

Read: Testing 10 Gigabit Ethernet Performance: QNAP TS-879 Pro & Synology DS3612xs NAS Review

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I have the DS1511+ on my gigabit LAN with a cheap Netgear unmanaged switch that doesn't support link aggregation and using all Cat6 or Cat6a cables between devices.

While I'd love to get the higher end models of the devices I'm pretty happy now as I get 70-80mb transfer speeds from my PC to the NAS.

Which switch did they use to test with? There are very few 10 gig ethernetswitches out there. I would love to know the switch and model they used

I'm using a few CAT6A cables between switches in my Home Network. But thats simply because the cables themselves are Cheap and when the price of 10Gb Smart Switches eventually drops to the same level 1Gb Smart Switches are I'll be grabbing a few.

I currently saturate my 1Gbit network easily when moving large files around the network while having my virtual servers deal with usenet and torrents. 10Gbit would be a great step forward for me.

I am very interested in 10Gb Ethernet. Intel recently released a Dual 10Gb Ethernet card for PCIe 8x which costs around £600. That may sound like a lot but it is actually one of the most affordable 10GbE cards available and that price will only continue to fall as other makers like RealTek get on board with the standard and begin to release cheaper IC's