TechSpot: Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case Review

Thermaltake is one of the biggest names in computer cases and cooling and for good reason. For years they have continued to create impressive looking, affordable products and today that range is massive.

Taking into account the countless case designs, there is one recent model that stands head and shoulders above the rest. First shown as a prototype at CeBIT 2009, the Thermaltake Level 10 chassis immediately captured everybody's attention, if not for BMW Designworks' involvement, then for its radical looks and proposed design of individual compartments for the different components.

Taking some cues from the original Level 10, Thermaltake hopes to be able to capitalize on it by offering a more down to earth 'GT' version. Not only is the Level 10 GT more affordable, it's also smaller and lighter, but has it lost all that made the original such a work of art?

Read: Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case Review

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I don't like it myself, and that headphone holder is just silly. How often would anyone actually use that, it looks like something that would just get in the way.

They stopped making cases with a pullout motherboard tray? This is a key feature for me. I brought the Coolermaster ATSC 840 a year ago this month and that case rocks and is under $200. Motherboard tray slides out has good cable management and hard drive caddies tool less design.

Also a case where you have to take it all apart to work on it seems too much trouble for me.

WAR-DOG said,
nzxt phantom <- hell yea!

I ended up getting that one (black) and very happy with it, except for ...

there seems to be to narrow to take in a H70 + a side fan (even though it fits, it is tight, don't mind it that much but just a heads up

is it me or are they going for the award of the most stupid and pointless look to a case ever? Ill stick to my lian lis methinks

Actually, I like the previous one more.
Mostly because it looks, made for a computer, and very sleek etc etc.. This one,, I don't even see to where to fit some parts...

Midnight Mick said,
Avira warns of a J/S agent on the page linked.

Are you sure it wasn't the website warning you that you have Avira installed?

spacer said,
One of the ugliest cases I have ever seen.
VERY UGLY! For a quick glance, I thought it it was the shot of the inside of the case.

"Not only is the Level 10 GT more affordable"

Compared to other model maybe but it's still a overpriced gimmick.