TechSpot's PC Buying Guide: Our latest update

The TechSpot PC Buying Guide provides you with an in-depth list of today's best hardware, spanning four unique and yet typical budgets. Whether you are a first time builder seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast, we've got you covered.

After working on this guide for many years, we learned that the biggest pitfall of our previous work as well as many other buying guides on the Web is that they expire shortly after publishing. Prices change daily, components come and go, and the guides simply degrade in worth until they're eventually rewritten a few months later. Recognizing this, we are taking an alternative approach in our revamped PC Buying Guide.

We will add and update new hardware to the mix as it's released. All four guides will be entirely up-to-date on major product launches, and we'll make a biweekly pass over the components and their prices to catch anything in-between.

The price points:

  • The Budget Box (~$500)
  • The Entry-Level Rig (~$800)
  • The Enthusiast's PC (~$1,500)
  • The Luxury System

Read: TechSpot's PC Buying Guide

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I disagree with the luxury system. Your better off getting an i7 930 and overclocking it to 960 specs. The 930 usually comes in second place when overclocked in the majority of benchmarks, only behind the 980-X. So with that cash saved, buy a better X-58 board or get 12gb of ram. I'd get Kingston any day over any other branded ram, particularly their Hyper X series, great heatsinks.